More Monday Action.

The Chop would be remiss if we let the day go by without saying a word about Fight Amp, playing at Golden West tonight.

Fight Amp (Fight Amputation) has been on the Chop’s radar for several years now, going back to the time when they were playing in support of their splits with Gunna Vahm and erstwhile Baltimore band Exosus.

Fight Amp @ Talking Head. 2006

Fight Amputation at the old Talking head. 2006. (Photo: Scott Russell)

The Chop has seen a lot of live bands in our day, and most of them tend to blend together after a while. But in the way of high praise, we will say this; Fight Amp is a band that, once you’ve seen them, you will never forget that fact. They are one of those rare bands that exudes an ecstatic, infectious joy when they take the stage. They’re delighted to grind your face off, offering something to everyone in the audience, regardless of whether they prefer punk, metal, hardcore, grind or whatever.

If we’ve got any gas left in the tank tonight, we might just stop by.


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