How To Avoid a Ho-Hum Sunday

We need to talk about Sundays Baltimore.

You know, that time once a week when you’re caught between resting up from the better part of the weekend, putting off doing the laundry and changing the sheets, and a paralyzing fear of going back to work on Monday.

You don’t plan anything, open late and leave early, and its like a wild goose chase just to go get a six pack. And don’t even get me started on football season, your true religion. Fortunately the Chop has discovered the secret to beating the Sunday doldrums: a day at the movies!

Alice in Wonderland is playing at the Rotunda now.

Ever since the first time we saw a movie on a Sunday we’ve been hooked. No more waiting in crummy lines for tickets, no more of you (and you know who you are) trying to save 8 seats with two coats (you assholes), and especially no more punk ass high school kids screaming at each other, tweeting their half-assed opinions and forgetting to turn off their phones.

Nope. Sunday its just a half empty theater and people with no worrys about Monday. So we’re going to go see Alice in Wonderland tonight. Even if it may not be a good movie, we expect its still a good date movie.

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