Meeting is at 28th and Remington Tonight

The Chop has just heard that the Remington Neighborhood Association meeting tonight is actually at 28th Street and Remington avenue and NOT at 27th and Huntingdon.

But as you can see from the comment under this post, it is not centered on stopping WalMart, but instead on saving a particular church building. We apologize for posting unconfirmed information. This why we’re not, you know… the real media.

We’re sorry for the misunderstanding. Please pass the word.


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5 responses to “Meeting is at 28th and Remington Tonight

  1. Ed Hopkins

    Edwin E. Hopkins

    I am on the Board of Directors of the Remington Neighborhood Alliance.

    Please do not come “en mass” to our meeting tonight to protest the Wal-Mart that is coming to Remington. We are the wrong forum for this protest. We are not the city council; we are not the developer. We are a community organization whose main function is to keep the residents of Remington apprised of what is happening in their neighborhood. We have a full agenda for tonight.

    We will discuss the movement by Baltimore Heritage to preserve Royer’s Hill Chapel.

    We will be going over the recent changes in the site plan.

    The placing of the Wal-Mart in Remington is a very divisive issue for our neighborhood and is deliberately not on the agenda for tonight’s meeting.

    If you want to learn about things on our agenda, please come. If your goal is to disrupt our agenda, please don’t come.


    ed hopkins

    • Our goal is neither to disrupt your agenda nor to interfere in Remington issues.

      We were given to believe that Wal-Mart would be the primary focus of the meeting. We apologize for spreading misinformation.

      If anyone does have good information about a greater organized resistance to Wal-Mart, please email us at

  2. This is confusing because the Wal-Mart development IS on their agenda tonight.

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