Free Parking at Camden Yards

Happy Easter. Opening Day is in less than a week, and as a reward to all of you loyal Choppers, the Chop is going to turn you on to some of the best places to park downtown on your way to Camden Yards. Some of these spots indicate loading zones (our favorite) Some are free parking, and some are metered parking in which the meters expire early.

We’re pressed for time today. the map doesn’t look as good as we’d like, and it’s not comprehensive. You have to scroll around to see the spots. We may update it as the season goes on.

Don’t be a bastard. Post your favorite parking tips in the comments.



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2 responses to “Free Parking at Camden Yards

  1. jmaloe

    Get a friend who lives in Otterbein or Federal Hill. Borrow their parking passes.

    I like living in central Baltimore–I can walk to Camden Yards!

  2. BohsandOs

    Borrowing a Fed Hill parking pass is always a great idea. Do not park there without one, however. You will get ticketed/towed.

    I can’t say I know too much about free parking by the Yard, but I can tell you there is a great $10/20 lot on Conway very close to the yard which is a great spot for tailgating.

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