Baltimore Chop Site Notes for 4/26/10

Hi Choppers!

Just a few quick notes:

A lot cooler than setting an iPhone reminder.

We finally figured out how to add a share button to the bottom of posts. Clicking it will take you to where you can share on social media sites with one click.

Speaking of social media, the Chop is on Facebook now. Please to add, Choppers. Please to add. If you’re looking at this in a reader, you can click through and find a link in the sidebar. Also, if you’re looking at this in a reader and saw half the old posts pop up labeled “changed” sorry about that.

In addition, you can follow us on Twitter where we tweet about booze and bands and baseball. You can also subscribe by email now in the sidebar, if you’re so inclined.

Finally, can anyone out there get the Chop juiced in at Blogtimore, Hon? We’ve submitted our feed several times, and sent a couple emails, but its looking like the digital equivalent of an answering machine in a closet in the Cayman Islands. If anyone can help get the Chop on Blogtimore, please send us an email. If you haven’t checked out blogtimore for yourself, do. It’s pretty cool.



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4 responses to “Baltimore Chop Site Notes for 4/26/10

  1. Blogtimore, Hon is now defunct. It hasn’t been updated in at least 2 years.

  2. Yeah I was thinking about taking up the reigns of that site and incorporating it into mine but then I saw something shiny. Or I could just start my own!

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