Best Place to Buy Liquor on Sundays: Hopkins Deli

If there’s one thing we can’t stand, its getting all geared up to go somewhere, do something, or get something, only to get there and find the doors locked and lights out because its Sunday. In a town like this with so many small businesses, it can be twice as bad, because whoever isn’t closed Sunday is probably closed Monday. Nowhere is this more a problem than with arcane, useless, Christian-inspired laws about buying liquor on Sundays.

Fortunately for us, Hopkins Deli stands at the ready 7 days a week to insure our liquor cabinet never goes empty.

Hopkis Deli: an oasis in the desert of Sunday liquor options.

Long a favorite of the Hopkins Blue Jays, the Deli caters not only to college kids, but to lazy drunks of all ages, all over North Baltimore. Open every day all day from 8 am until 11 pm, this place is more than the sum of it’s parts. It’s a carryout with a full menu of pizzas and subs, pasta, wings, etc, a full service liquor store with a decent beer and wine selection, part convenience store and part grocery suprette, plus a nice spot to play keno and enjoy free wifi.

But aside from being able to nab a fifth of Granddad and a sixer of Heavy Seas at 10 pm on a Sunday, the real brilliance of Hopkins Deli is in their delivery. You can call or even order online, and it’s an open secret that they’ll deliver anything in the store along with your order.

So, if like the Chop you find yourself tired, lazy, hungover and hungry on Sunday evening with an empty fridge and nothing but Kahlua and Seagram’s gin to sustain you, Hopkins Deli can be a lifesaver when you don’t feel like taking a shower, getting dressed, and making 3 or 4 different stops. Since we moved into the Stately North Baltimore Pleasure Dome, its quickly become our go-to spot in the clutch.

Lets say you need a six pack of Lagunitas, some cheese fries and wings, a can of Maxwell House, a loaf of bread, a can of cat food, a mega millions ticket and a copy of the Sunday Sun… no problem. It’s all at your door in half an hour.


Hopkins Deli is at 110 West 39th Street, on the ground floor of Hopkins House Apartments. 410-366-6603 or For the record: times are never so desperate that we’re down to Kahlua and gin. That’s not how we roll.



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5 responses to “Best Place to Buy Liquor on Sundays: Hopkins Deli

  1. Heh, this is my late night/sunday go-to as well. Didn’t realize that they’d deliver booze, though, thanks for the tip. I wonder if I’ll be within their delivery radius at my new place. Guess I’ll have to find out…

  2. Ape Mummy

    Feh. I’d rather run over to Wine Source on Sunday and buy some obscure liquor, then call American Wings & Pizza for a dope sub or some Maryland wings. But that’s me…generally, I get dressed and go out on Sundays.

  3. kateebee

    Chop, you just made my day. I live about 5 blocks from this place and barely knew it existed; let alone provided the amazing combination of Sunday liquor sales AND delivery?! Ah-mazing.

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  5. I used to live on the 5th floor of the “Hoppy House” (as the evening receptionist would refer to it when answering the phone.
    I still smoked in the mid 1980’s. This meant I never ran out of smokes. My roommate and I worked for a liquor/beer/wine distributor. We got along real well with the owner (Dick O’Keefe) who owned a similar store in a high-rise Bolton Hill apartment house. My roomy and I used to service the account for as it became our account for our employer.
    We had some great memories at the Hoppy House … The deli was icing on the cake.

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