Chop Style: Socks Are Not Optional

This image came from The Sartorialist, and it’s the perfect illustration of some of the shite that flies in NYC and Boston (and hell, maybe Atlanta, we don’t know) but will never, ever, ever be acceptable in Baltimore. It’s also one of the many reasons why we stopped paying attention to the Sartorialist a long time ago.

If you're wondering whether you can pull this off in Baltimore, you can't.

To reiterate: this look is dumb, Baltimore. Don’t do it. Don’t do it this summer or any summer. It doesn’t matter how nice the shoes are. It doesn’t matter how nice your feet are. It doesn’t even matter if you’re only running out to Whole Foods for a minute for whole grain donuts and the Sunday Sun. You must wear socks!

This doesn’t work on the Canton Square. It doesn’t work in Mount Washington Village. It doesn’t work in Locust Point, and it doesn’t even work on Light Street.

But if for some strange reason you simply must go around without socks, you’d do well to do it in something like these.



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4 responses to “Chop Style: Socks Are Not Optional

  1. rach

    Hilarious! The owner of the company where I work specifically banned this in the dress code. Along with flowy dress shorts for women. Smart guy.

  2. Ape Mummy

    I humbly, and partially, disagree. While no socks with slacks is a big no-no, I think going sans socks while wearing shorts is perfectly fine. I feel kind of weird putting on ankle socks while wearing a sharp pair of Jack Purcells.

    I’ll definitely have to look around to see if anyone’s carrying those Fred Perry plimsouls here in town. The black ones with the green piping are dope.

    How about a discussion of the man sandal/flip-flop?

    • This website has already gone on record as disapproving of short pants on grown men, as well as sandals more than one mile from a natural body of water. (A swim-able body of water. The Patapsco River does not count.)

  3. OK, but here’s the thing: The Sartorialist is all over the sockless shoes, and I have to wonder how disgusting these people’s shoes and feet must smell. #stuffiwishididntspendtimethinkingabout

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