Ann D. Schuler Retrospective @ Schuler School of Fine Arts Today

It’s easy to get a little cynical about Station North sometimes. Even with all of the success stories in that neighborhood in recent years, it can be tempting to look around at all the still-crummy warehouse lofts, the custom bike shops, fashion-obsessed co-eds and sometimes obscure and inaccessible music scene and think “Welp, the City built the hipsters a nice little playground here.”

Indeed, it’s not difficult to forget about the higher end of culture in the neighborhood. There’s The Charles Theater, of course, and the everyman, and even the Meyerhoff and the Lyric between Mount Royal and North Avenues. And then there’s Station North’s other art school.

The Schuler School of Fine Arts hosts a retrospective of its late founder's works today. 2-6 pm.

The Schuler School of Fine Arts has been a fixture in Station North since before there was a Station North. Well before. Just look at the building. You don’t grow that much ivy overnight, and for more than 50 years the school on Lafayette Avenue has been a cloister dedicated to the study, admiration and emulation of the styles and techniques of the old masters.

At today’s exhibit (which also ran yesterday) you won’t be seeing any paint splatters or lines and shapes. No half-cocked political statements. No absurdist riffs on absurdity for the sake of irony. No silent, endlessly looping video installations. Dan Deacon’s not hosting any dance parties at Schuler.

The Chop has walked past the Schuler School hundreds of times. Possibly into the thousands. We’ve always sort of thought of it as that closed up little building where a few people go to paint so many flowers and fruit bowls and reclining nudes, and sculpt busts of old guys with beards. For years, that’s been the extent of our knowledge of the place. To us, the place has taken on the sort of mystery that a Masonic lodge or an Orthodox church can carry with it, and if you’ve felt the same way, we’d encourage you not to miss your chance to take a peek inside.


The Schuler School is located at 9 E. Lafayette Ave. in Station North. (410) 685-3568. Open today from 2-6, and year round by appointment only.


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3 responses to “Ann D. Schuler Retrospective @ Schuler School of Fine Arts Today

  1. adam

    “still-crummy warehouse lofts, the custom bike shops, fashion-obsessed co-eds and sometimes obscure and inaccessible music scene and think “Welp, the City built the hipsters a nice little playground here.”

    do you even hangout on North Ave. First there is not one custom bike shop that i know of in the city. Ive been living and riding a bike for 8 years in this city so when you find a custom bike shop please let me know I’d love to get fitted for a custom bike. There is ONE bike shop on old falls road but definitely not a custom bike shop and velocipede, although pretentious and clicky, is far from a custom shop its more like hodge podge trash bikes for people who want to actually learn to work on their own bikes. The Wind Up has plenty of accessible music as does joes as does your heavily touted CCAS. The Hexagon has great acts and art shows that are interesting. Also there has never been a burgeoning art scene that developed without shitty lofts for artists and musicians to practice their craft don’t decry the hard work of others in this city or marginalize the progress on North Ave, and most certainly read and think about what you write before you post it. You’re starting to sound less like someone with something to say and more like a crotchety old man who throws around generalizations about things he doesn’t understand about places and things he clearly doesn’t know about. I don’t know what North Ave you’re talking about but its not the North Ave i hangout on. Oh also its good to know that if “you” sometimes find a type of music inaccessible music it means hipsters are into it. Please notify me of music you find inaccessible so i can attend i would love to see these hipsters you’re talking about. Try going to Williamsburg first before you throw stones at lot of people who are working very hard to make an area of the city that sucked when i got here into an area where people can see local art and music get a pizza or go dancing. Oh and thank god they put Bike Works on old falls road it means i don’t have to walk all the way from north Baltimore to fells point to get my bike fixed or purchase a new tire or tube when i get a flat. I cant believe you proof read that statement and thought it was even close at reality. Stay up in Hamilton clearly North Ave doesn’t want you and your snobby cry baby burgeon on 40’s attitude.

  2. adam

    i got the point. you were making condescending generalizations about and area of the city as you lead into your point which was that there was a retrospective at the Schuler school, i read the post. I read your blog regularly and i found the way you were leading into your point to be absurd. reference post above. I still feel it was ignorant and condescending.

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