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Lemuria, Nightbirds @ Charm City Art Space Tonight

Man, were we glad when December was over, because honestly all that Christmas mumbo jumbo is kind of boring. The thing about it is that when people schedule things well in advance, they all tend to do the same thing… look at the calendar and say “Oh well let’s pencil in something after New Year’s.” In consequence of that, we’re seeing more music this week than we did in all of December, and we’re trying to be in two places at once tonight.

Fortunately for us, those places are literally right around the corner from one another, and we can easily bounce back and forth from the show we told you about yesterday at the Metro Gallery, and the show we’re telling you about today at Charm City Art Space.

Lemuria brings their brand new record, Pebble, to CCAS tonight. 7 pm doors.

No matter how much bouncing around the block we may do tonight, we’re going to be damn sure not to miss Lemuria when they go on at the Space. The last time we saw them it was at Mike and Julie’s wedding show, because that’s the kind of super-adorable warm and cuddly emo-rific band Lemuria is. The kind that plays wedding shows. They’ve got a new record called Pebble that was just released this week on Bridge 9, so tonight marks your first good chance to buy it. If you don’t then your heart is obviously made of cold rusted iron and your body may resemble that of a scarecrow in an empty field. Just sayin’.

We’re also going to make a point of catching Night Birds who are ex- the Ergs (and other bands), and who remind us all of two things:

1. That not everyone from the Jersey Shore is a dumbass Guido shart.


2. That psycho-surf garage punk is taking over the scene in 2011.

Ever worthy openers on tonight’s bill are local punks Dead Mechanical, and post hardcore screamers Pianos Become the Teeth. We’re big on both of these bands, but on a night like this their solid work ethic is not in their favor. We’ve seem both several times before, and they play often enough that we’re confident we’ll see them again before long, which we can’t say about the acts at Metro Gallery.

It’ll be interesting to see how tonight shakes out, but no matter what, it’s going to be a good time. Among the Art Space, Metro and the premiere of Sticky Buns Burlesque at the Windup Space, Station North is going to busier than it’s been in a while now. Get in on it.


Charm City Art Space is located at 1731 Maryland Ave in Station North. All ages.

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Ted Leo, Heks Orkest @ The G-Spot Tonight

We can’t lie to you Baltimore, we’re getting old. At least in scene terms, 30 is no spring chicken. This is why it’s been a good long time since the Chop has seen Ted Leo and the Pharmacists live.

Seems like there was a time when we couldn’t help seeing Ted Leo play live. We’d go see some band like Ranier Maria and sure enough, there’s Ted Leo, opening the bill. We even used to heckle quite a bit. Ted Leo was just that kid in school who gave you the setup for a joke every time he opened his mouth. Good old Ted couldn’t finish one song and start another without saying something ridiculous. We weren’t the only one… the Elvis Costello, Paul Westerberg, and Matthew Sweet references were bouncing off the walls in those days.

Ted Leo and Heks Orkest play the G-Spot tonight. 8 pm Doors.

Since then Leo has stacked up new records, rounded out his sound, and become almost famous in the process. We haven’t seen him since because we’re frankly getting too old and jaded for stuff like sold-out crowds, advance ticket sales, trips to the 9:30 club, nightclub drink prices, etc. We just don’t like Ted Leo that much. We like him in a just-as-friends-maybe-go-to-second-base-if-you-can-get-us-a-bottle-of-Boone’s-Farm kind of way. Not a my-parents-are-going-away-for-the-weekend-you-can-totally-come-over-for-a-lingerie-fashion-show-and-backrub-marathon kind of way. We don’t like him like that.

So we were glad to hear that he’s playing the G-Spot tonight. This totally erases all the reasons we have for not going. It’s not far away. It’s BYOB. It’s not sold out. We don’t have to stay out until last call, and we don’t have to watch 4 other bands we don’t really want to see.

As near as we can tell, the only other band on the bill is Richmond’s Heks Orkest, whose name means “witches orchestra,” but who sound nothing like Rasputina. Some may even call them a supergroup, although this raises an interesting question:

    What’s the difference between a supergroup and a bunch of guys who have been in a lot of bands before?

Hard to say. But Avail, Sparta, Engine Down, Denali, Kepone, and a several more former bands is a pretty good resume, and the mp3s on their site, How It Will All Fit and I’ve been Waiting are pretty good stuff.

Maybe even the kind of stuff we end up liking more than Ted Leo when it’s all said and done.


The G-Spot is located at 2980 Falls Road, 3/4 mile north of the Streetcar Museum. Tickets are $12, $15 day of show. All ages, 8 pm doors.

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Tomorrow: No Friends, Deep Sleep @ Charm City Art Space

With records like these, who the hell needs friends?

This is our question to you, Baltimore. Our answer is “No Idea.” And speaking of No Idea, you could do a lot worse than trading in all your lousy, crummy friends for a shelf full of No Idea releases. The label that single-handedly made Gainesville a punk rock destination from the mid 90’s on is sending one of the best acts it has going to CCAS tomorrow night: No Friends.

No Friends plays CCAS with Deep Sleep tomorrow. 7 pm Doors.

No Friends sounds exactly what you think a band would sound like when you combine 3 members of New Mexican Disaster Squad with Tony from Municipal Waste. It may be predictable, but it’s predictably awesome. Muni Waste has put on some of the most fun and exciting DIY shows Baltimore has seen in the last decade, always with large turnouts of eager and diverse fans, and we expect nothing less from No Friends, who are playing real, balls-out punk rock the way it’s supposed to be played- loud, fast, and reckless. They definitely deserve the comparisons they’ve drawn to legends like Dag Nasty and the Descendents, and we feel that their output so far can stand side by side with either of those bands’ early (best) work.

Not to be outdone, Baltimore matches Gainesville by putting up Deep Sleep, who are also carrying the torch of that early 80’s HC/punk sound. Tony Pence and company rode along with No Friends on their first East Coast tour back in April, and these two amazing bands (who actually are friends) match each other about as well as a left shoe matches the right.

Montreal’s Trigger Effect rounds out the bill, and with three fast bands playing 60 second songs, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get home in plenty of time to wake up for work on Wednesday. Check it out.


Charm City Art Space is at 1729 Maryland Ave. in Station North. 7 pm Doors. All ages.

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2004 All Over Again @ CCAS Tonight

Well, it looks as though we’ve really lucked out this time. After coming home on Friday, we’ve had quite enough of bumming around the house and watching the rain. Look out Baltimore, the Chop is taking to the streets once again, and we couldn’t have come up with a better bill for our first show back in town than tonight’s lineup at the Charm City Art Space.

The new Art Space recently picked up a Best of Baltimore award for being Baltimore’s best all-ages venue from the Citypaper, who said “Do you even know what passes for punk these days for most of the 13-to-17 set? Trust us, it’s ghastly.” We agree with this statement wholeheartedly, which is why we’re urging you young choppers especially to get out and hear what straight-up no frills circle-pitting hardcore punk sounded like in the early part of the last decade.

Ruiner, Double Dagger, The Spark, Never Enough and Sacred Love play CCAS tonight. 7 pm doors.

Punks of a certain age may have also noticed that some local music has become a bit precious of late; a little too damn clever for its own good, in trying to make rock look like art it’s no longer loud enough, fast enough or dangerous enough to fit anywhere under the punk umbrella.

We’ve put so much focus on bands and labels that we’ve fooled ourselves into thinking that they matter. They don’t. It’s a community of kids who matter, and at tonight’s show you’re going to see singalongs and circle pits, and no one will notice or care who happens to be holding the mic. That’s how it should be.

In case you’re curious though, tonight the mic will be held by Ruiner in their penultimate show, 6 years to the day after their first show on the very same stage at CCAS. Having recently returned from Europe, they’ll play tonight before calling it a career at Sonar this weekend.

They’ll be supported by Double Dagger, about whom we’ve already written plenty and who are possibly the only band in Baltimore who can match Ruiner pound for pound for staying power and hardcore punk bona fides.

We’ve got to give them credit for lasting as long as they have. The Spark and Never Enough, who are both reuniting for tonight’s show have been on hiatus for some years now, fully enmeshed in the world of day jobs and marriages and mortgages. We’ve been griping about reunions in general a lot lately, but we’ve got to give a pass to both of these acts. 2004 was a pretty good year, after all. Neither band has ever made a dime and these reunions are about as far as you can get from phoning it in for a payday. (Another interesting bit of trivia: Ruiner played the final Spark show in 2006.)

It’s not all strolls down memory lane though, as Sacred Love is also on tonight’s bill. If you want to hear what Baltimore HC punk is going to sound like in the next decade, make sure you show up on time.

All told this is more fun than anyone ought to have on a Tuesday, and since it’s the Art Space, you’ll still get home in plenty of time to rest up for work tomorrow, Grandpa.

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Surfer Blood, Weekends @ Ottobar Tonight

You’re going to this show tonight Baltimore. Of course you are. It’s a no-brainer. It’s more than a no-brainer, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Seriously. Maybe the Chop’s not as cool as we used to be, but it seems like Surfer Blood came out of nowhere and got real famous, real fast. If we were a betting man, we’d bet that the Ottobar tonight is likely your last chance to see them on an actual club stage. They’re already busy touring the world and getting on TV and (maybe) modeling designer jeans and banging out record industry and PR interns 2 at a time. That’s rock and roll for you.

What’s more, a Wednesday after a holiday weekend is perfect timing, since we’re hoping it’s going to be adult swim up in there. That may be wishful thinking though, since schools are out, the doors are open early, and it’s all ages.

Surfer Blood takes you back to the future with Weekends at the Ottobar tonight. 8 pm doors.

Reason number two why it’s a no-brainer? Weekends. Sure, they’re from here and you can probably go see them anytime, but you know what Baltimore? That’s a shite attitude to take. That’s why you all probably missed them at last weekend’s show with Height, because you were too busy going to the beach and the swimming pool and the cook-out. We’re guilty of it too. We seem to keep missing Weekends, and we’re going to try to put that right tonight.

You know how people always reference certain bands from the 80’s and say how they’re visionary and genius and way ahead of their time? Well, with bands like these, it looks like rock and roll is finally catching up to the best of the 1980’s, and that’s what tonight’s show is all about.


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