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Leatherface is Canceled @ Ottobar Tonight

Jesus H. Christ!!!

This is exactly the kind of bullshit that makes us want to hang it up and quit blogging about Baltimore nightlife forever!

We were very, very looking forward to seeing Leatherface at the Ottobar tonight (scroll down), but late breaking word on the street is that their visas were denied by the US customs and border protections. Long story short, they’re not playing tonight and shit’s fucked up.

'Keeping America safe from old punks since 1789.'

(For the record, the Chop has a pre-existing grudge against CBP, as they have prevented us from sneaking some really good booze into this country, and we give them two fingers and bollocks officially here and evermore.)

We heard by ‘word on the street’ at ~6 pm yesterday that Leatherface was denied their visas. Since we’re trying to be RESPONIBLE and all that, we called the Ottobar, and even stopped by in person to determine the current status, but the best we could come up with was “Yeah Bro… it’s probably not happening.” Our Twitter feed provides links to Leatherface cancellations in NYC and StL for this tour for the same reason.

So, we don’t expect to see Leatherface at the Ottobar tonight, and we don’t know what’s in store for refunds, rain checks, tonight’s bill, etc. When we know you’ll know, but in the meantime we expect to sit around and watch the O’s lose to a last-place team in the rain again.

Loves and smooches…

-The Chop.

Update: The Ottobar website now indicates that a 3 band show will take place and the cost for it will be $8 at the door. It also states that refunds for Leatherface pre-sales will be issued automatically.

News is still sparse, but you can read a little bit about it at Brooklyn Vegan, Dying Scene, Vinyl Collective, and Suburban Home Records.



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Leatherface @ Ottobar Tonight

With the British parliamentary elections taking up headlines the past few days, you’ve probably heard a lot about the special relationship enjoyed between our two countries. Aside from sounding slightly suggestive and covering intelligence, economics, and military power, the special relationship also encompasses Baltimore punk rock.

To wit: We sent them Double Dagger, and they’re sending Leatherface to the Ottobar tonight in return.

Leatherface plays the Ottobar tonight. 7 pm Doors.

This blog has come down pretty hard on aging English punk bands lately, and while the Sunderland lads are no spring chickens, we believe they’re the exception and not the rule. In more than twenty years of continuous recording and touring, they’ve not been spoiled by success. In fact, they may even be British punk’s best kept secret. They’re one of those bands that has influenced every band that came after them, whether those later bands realize it or not.

Leatherface has a new record out on No Idea Which proves our point. We’d probably have written them off forever if they had signed with Epitaph, but you know No Idea is going to do right by everyone concerned. Don’t believe us? You can go ahead and stream it right now from Punknews.org like we’re doing while we write this. We’re especially digging track #7, Diego Garcia.

Rounding out the bill tonight is Baltimore’s own Sick Sick Birds who we love so much we’ve written about them before, as well as local newcomers Post Freedom about whom we’ve heard good things, and Georgia’s Ninja Gun.

Part of us thinks this is going to be a massive sold-out show which will be legend in this town for years to come. But then we remind ourselves that it’s still a weeknight and that everyone who cares about Leatherface is our age or older, and/or a huge music nerd, so there might be plenty of elbow room at the bar. Either way, we get to put a big check mark next to their name in the column of ‘Bands we love and never got to see.’

Get out and see them tonight Baltimore. You’ll see the Queen go about in her knickers before they come back around again.


Ottobar is at 2549 N. Howard Street. 410-662-0069 Tickets are available at www.missiontix.com


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