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Save Democracy: Stop Corporate Takeover of Our Government @ Senator Theater Tonight

If anybody knows Maryland politics, its Joe Curran. He’s spent so much time in Annapolis that he should probably have a street named after him, or at least a sandwich at Chick and Ruth’s. Curran arrived in Annapolis in 1958, and since then has been a Delegate, State Senator, Lieutenant Governor and spent twenty years as the state’s Attorney General.

And tonight he’s giving it to us straight at the Senator Theater in one of over 150 community forums nationwide sponsored by Moveon.org. We love it when a politician reaches a certain age and finds himself out of politics and free to say what he really thinks without making a political calculation of it. Its only through events like this that the average voter can get the real inside baseball look at how things actually work in government.

The Chop and Charm City Barfly go all super-sleuth in East Baltimore tonight.

We get the feeling that after seeing how the sausage is made, we’re going to need a good stiff drink, so after the speeches we’re going to take ourselves down to a certain bar on the east side to pickup a totally random present from Charm City Barfly, who’s totally like our bezzie mate in the blogosphere.

Problem is, we both have secret identities, so the gift exchange will be done all very cloak-and-dagger style with the help of a non-blog reading bartender.

Who says Baltimore’s not the greatest city in America? Where else could you plan a night like tonight?



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Adam Stab Lectures on the Baltimore Graffiti Scene @ Goucher Tonight

One of the best things about living in a city like Baltimore is that you can give yourself a free education. We’re not talking about any “school-of-hard-knocks, streetwise bullshit.” No. Anyone in this town who loves learning for learning’s sake is lucky enough to be able to put together an actual curriculum and pursue just about any field of study as a hobby.

Not only does Baltimore have a wealth of resources dedicated Full Time to giving you a free education, like Book Thing, Baltimore Free School, and the Village Learning Place; we’ve also got one of the Nation’s best libraries, to say nothing of the other museums and cultural institutions in our backyard.

As if that weren’t enough, every Baltimorean has access to top-notch colleges and universities, which most people don’t realize are willing to teach you for free. We already tipped you off to Daniel Shea at MICA, and tonight we can’t stress enough that you should come up to Goucher to see Adam Stab.

Adam Stab tells the history of Baltimore graffiti and stylewriting at Goucher College tonight. 7 pm.

We shouldn’t have to tell you who Stab is. Like any successful writer, his reputation precedes him. He’s Baltimore’s version of the Easter Bunny… hops around all night and leaves beautiful, colorful things wherever he’s been. You’ve never actually seen him, but you’re glad whenever he leaves you something.

Speaking of free educations, there may be no better example than Stab himself. With very little traditional schooling and no college degree, Adam Stab has been able to do for two decades what many classically trained artists never do: Make a living making the art that he loves. Having moved quietly up the ladder from bus stop benches to studio work and even corporate commissions, Stab is uniquely qualified to explain not only the stylewriting sub-culture, but Baltimore’s place in it as well.

Listen closely Baltimore: Chances like this don’t come around often. Graffiti is still very much a product of the night and of the fringes, and the chance to have it explained point by point amounts to nothing less than cracking the new urban Da Vinci code. If you miss this tonight, it goes back underground.

Available at a bench, mailbox, road sign, or lamppost near you.

Street Art: A Lecture on the Baltimore Graffiti Scene will take place in the Pinkard Community Service Center in the Athanaeum of Goucher College. (number 2 on this PDF map). Tonight’s lecture is a part of the ongoing Baltimore City Forum series.

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Practicing as a Professional @ MICA Today

Continuing on with last night’s theme, today is all about another friend who’s forsaken Baltimore for supposedly greener pastures. In this case, its our buddy Daniel Shea, who is lecturing at his alma mater MICA tonight on the subject of Practicing As a Professional, along with fellow alumni Rose Cromwell and Jennifer Grimyser at 4:30 today in the Brown Center’s Falvey Hall.

Cheshire, Ohio from the Plume series, by Daniel Shea

While we have to give Daniel a pass for moving back to Chi to teach and work, since he’s a Chicago native and only ever planned to be here for college, he’s certainly the type of working artist and good friend we can always use more of here in Baltimore.

The Chop knows for a fact that he’s been working his ass off non-stop since graduation, and today he’ll be good enough to share the knowledge he’s accrued with you; and if you listen closely, you might just figure out how to avoid the trap of being the kind of photographer who shoots corny weddings and maudlin photos of peoples’ fucking pets.

Instead, Daniel’s chosen to do things that are actually interesting, like being a founding member of the Dreamboats Collective, and working on his Plume series. He’s also built his own website at dsheaphoto.net, in addition to being on just about every social media website out there in the cloud.

So yeah, sneak out of work early today and learn how to stack up some paper for yourself.

If you can’t make it today, you can also see Daniel solo tomorrow in MICA’s Bunting Hall, room#110, where he’ll be disussing his Plume and Removing Mountains series’. Check it out.

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