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Best Bets: Holiday Moviegoing Edition




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Bob Ray’s Down and Dirty Austin Film Tour @ Creative Alliance Tonight

We’ve never been to Austin, TX.

We suspect we’d like it very much if we ever had been. We like Baltimore very much, after all. We like New Orleans and Richmond and Charleston, and even liked Galveston when we went there. So we have reason to believe that we’d get along just fine in Austin, and that when Austin filmmaker Bob Ray brings his Down and Dirty Film Tour to the Creative Alliance tonight he’ll feel right at home.

Total Badass screens at Creative Alliance tonight. 7:30.

The Chop can’t sell you on this. Much like Kesey and the Pranksters, you’re either on the bus, or off the bus. There’s no middle ground here. Just take one quick look at the movie posters and you’ll know right away that this is something in which you either have no interest at all, or something for which you absolutely need to clear your calendar and go see right now!

Hell on Wheels is the second half of tonight's double feature. 9:30.

For those of you who are on the bus, here are the details. Doors and drink specials start at 6:30 (and show up on time, because the CA screening theater is of modest proportions) and Total Badass begins at 7:30, followed by a Q and A with Bob Ray and Chad Holt.

The Charm City Roller Girls will then host the second half of the double feature, Hell on Wheels with another Q and A after featuring Ray as well as some of the finest real life bruisers in Baltimore.

If your lame schedule and crappy life don’t permit you to see both films for a paltry $10, you can check out either one for $7 at the door. We say watch them both. You’ll be glad you did. Now get on the goddamn bus and hang on for dear life.


Creative Alliance is located at 3134 Eastern Ave in Highlandtown. 410-276-1651. info@creativealliance.org

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Iron Man Double Feature @ White Marsh Tonight

Once again the Chop plays the black sheep and goes against the grain. While the rest of you are trying to cure your Cinco de Mayo tequila hangovers by sitting in the dark at the Maryland Film Festival with movies like Putty Hill and Total Recall, and engaging in a grand old game of John Waters spotting, we’re high-tailing it to the Suburbs for a big-time Hollywood midnight double feature.

The Chop faces this quandry on a nightly basis.

White Marsh is running a screening of Iron Man tonight as well as a midnight showing of the general premiere of Iron Man 2. It’s kind of an odd choice for us, since we were only barely lukewarm on Iron Man when we saw it at The Big and Beautiful Bengie’s Drive-In Theater the first time. But sometimes Roommate says “Hey, you wanna do this?” and the Chop says “Sure. Why the hell not?”

In the morning will Downey be sober... or dead?!?

Of course every time we go to a midnight movie in the Suburbs it always seems to be us and about 500 bratty obnoxious spoiled teenagers who don’t seem to know that when you’re in the movies you’re supposed to turn off your cell phone and, you know, shut the fuck up for 90 minutes.

And no… you can’t have one kid save 9 seats while everyone else goes out to smoke. It doesn’t fucking work that way!


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How To Avoid a Ho-Hum Sunday

We need to talk about Sundays Baltimore.

You know, that time once a week when you’re caught between resting up from the better part of the weekend, putting off doing the laundry and changing the sheets, and a paralyzing fear of going back to work on Monday.

You don’t plan anything, open late and leave early, and its like a wild goose chase just to go get a six pack. And don’t even get me started on football season, your true religion. Fortunately the Chop has discovered the secret to beating the Sunday doldrums: a day at the movies!

Alice in Wonderland is playing at the Rotunda now.

Ever since the first time we saw a movie on a Sunday we’ve been hooked. No more waiting in crummy lines for tickets, no more of you (and you know who you are) trying to save 8 seats with two coats (you assholes), and especially no more punk ass high school kids screaming at each other, tweeting their half-assed opinions and forgetting to turn off their phones.

Nope. Sunday its just a half empty theater and people with no worrys about Monday. So we’re going to go see Alice in Wonderland tonight. Even if it may not be a good movie, we expect its still a good date movie.

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