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File Photos

The Chop has a new Blog. We’ve mentioned it a few times on Facebook and Twitter, and even made a page for it up at the top of your screen above our header, but we’ve been waiting until we got it fully updated to announce it here.

File Photos Is a collection of all of the black and white photography we’ve used here over the last 300-odd posts. As we keep adding posts to this blog, we’ll keep cross-posting them over there standing alone, with no commentary or context. You can click over and check it out at http://filephotos.wordpress.com.

For a certain subset of hipsters, this is like a copy of Hustler.

We’ve long been wanting a way to index all the photos here without needing to keep them on our hard drive, and without having to page back through our archives.

So far we’ve got 11 pages worth of images for you to waste your time gawking at at work. Please to enjoy…

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Chop on the Spot: Crazy Ray’s

If Baltimore is a city sometimes known to celebrate the bizarre, the unusual and all things on the fringes, we’d posit that there may be no more bizarre place in the city than Crazy Ray’s auto parts on Erdman Avenue.

An automotive “graveyard” might be an apt description of the yard at Crazy Ray’s, although unlike an actual graveyard, nothing is buried here. Instead, these mechanical corpses are laid bare under the sun for the inspection of God and all. In various stages of weathering, disrepair and destruction the Beamers and Buicks meant to be a source of parts are as much a macabre museum of the American roadway.

With acres of autos providing a window into vehicular history and the lives of their former owners, Crazy Ray’s is one of our favorite places to explore in Baltimore, whether we need parts or not. Here are a few photos from a recent trip.

A relic of the Studio 54 cocaine party era.

Party like a rock star.

Your stickers may outlast your car.

Family fun in a conversion van. Next stop Wally World!

Pie in the sky.

Still pimp as hell.

Is it just me or was it hot in here?

This is why you don't try to cook meth in the back seat.

It may look like hell, but it smells Springtime fresh.

Watch out for the giant forklifts, because they might kill you.

A view of the neighboring trainyard and the Bayview hospital complex.

It's a 10 car pile-up.

Damn, I think I left my keys in the car...

A word of caution if you go though: Junkyards are really fucking dangerous places. Aside from the giant speeding forklifts pictured above, there’s also the possibility that a car will fall on you, since most of them are propped up on stacks of tires or little spare-tire jacks. There is also broken glass and twisted metal absolutely everywhere. We’d recommend the thickest-soled, sturdiest boots you have, a pair of jeans you wouldn’t mind staining, and long sleeves wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Even if you don’t get cut or bruised, you may still come out covered in oil, grease or other automotive fluids.

But of course, some people are into that sort of thing.


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The Chop Returns From Ascension Island

Okay, so we actually returned from Ascension a week ago. We’ve been keeping it low key ever since. We haven’t fully been back in the swing of things since we’re just now getting our internet connection and cable re-installed. It’s troubling how bored we’ve been this past week without them, especially since we didn’t have either for the duration of our trip. On top of that, we’re already looking for another job. This should be more of a brief stopoff between trips than an extended vacation.

We could tell you all about Ascension, but the truth is that it makes Lake Wobegon look like Las Vegas for all the excitement available there. It was, however, the first trip we’ve taken since having access to a half decent camera phone, so we’ll let this selection of photos we took describe the trip for you. Enjoy.

(Click on the images for larger versions.)

A view of the island from 2 miles offshore, NE of Georgetown.

What you get in the way of a welcome.

Everyone is very happy to be British.

The Old Marine Barracks and former Exiles' Club.

A ship riding at anchor.

The island's tiny church...

...Which may or may not be made of gingerbread.

"Long Beach", which isn't particularly long, is where giant sea turtles come to lay their eggs.

The Obsidian Hotel. Finest lodgings for a thousand miles around.

The Ascension Government. All of it.

A sample of the decor at the Saints' Club.

The Royal Mail.

A random mosque site on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

Where the USAF Space Command goes to get drunk.

Prickly pear cactus. One of the few things that will grow in volcanic rock.

Skittles is the island's major drinking diversion.

The Saints at the Two Boats club take it very seriously.

Don't blink, you'll miss it.

The former site of a WWII era US Army field hospital.

The entrance to Green Mountain National Park.

A parting shot of Green Mountain from Two Boats. Look closely for the colony's flag flying over the house.

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