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Save Democracy: Stop Corporate Takeover of Our Government @ Senator Theater Tonight

If anybody knows Maryland politics, its Joe Curran. He’s spent so much time in Annapolis that he should probably have a street named after him, or at least a sandwich at Chick and Ruth’s. Curran arrived in Annapolis in 1958, and since then has been a Delegate, State Senator, Lieutenant Governor and spent twenty years as the state’s Attorney General.

And tonight he’s giving it to us straight at the Senator Theater in one of over 150 community forums nationwide sponsored by Moveon.org. We love it when a politician reaches a certain age and finds himself out of politics and free to say what he really thinks without making a political calculation of it. Its only through events like this that the average voter can get the real inside baseball look at how things actually work in government.

The Chop and Charm City Barfly go all super-sleuth in East Baltimore tonight.

We get the feeling that after seeing how the sausage is made, we’re going to need a good stiff drink, so after the speeches we’re going to take ourselves down to a certain bar on the east side to pickup a totally random present from Charm City Barfly, who’s totally like our bezzie mate in the blogosphere.

Problem is, we both have secret identities, so the gift exchange will be done all very cloak-and-dagger style with the help of a non-blog reading bartender.

Who says Baltimore’s not the greatest city in America? Where else could you plan a night like tonight?



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Support Golden West at the Hampden Community Council Meeting Tonight

Or… maybe tonight’s metal show isn’t your bag. The Chop understands. We might just skip that show ourselves, cause there’s some highly important, patriotic, community action stand up and fight for your right to party shit going on in Hampden at the very same time.

Golden West applies for it's entertainment license tonight at Roosevelt Rec Center. 7 pm.

Basically, the Golden West wants to go legit with the music and comedy they’ve been doing late nights. As you know, the Chop enjoys Golden West events on the regular, and we’d be thrilled to see them go legit. Plus, if you can be bothered to do your civic duty and sit through a community meeting, you get to get shitfaced for real real cheap at Golden West afterward.

Here’s the copy from the facebook event page:

Hello! So we are trying to make the Golden West an official Hampden Music and Entertainment Venue. In doing so we must go before the Hampden Community Council on Monday March 29th at 7pm SHARP.

We are asking our friends in the community to stand beside us that night and pledge support. This does not require money. All we ask is that you come and openly and vocally support The Golden West for receiving an entertainment license.

The Fun Part:

Please help! We’ve had a blast so far, lets keep it going. Tell your friends but keep it secret and keep it safe we don’t folks that might be against this to find out we’re rallying. This is a race to the finish and we need your help!

The Meeting is scheduled from 7 to 10 pm, at the Roosevelt Rec Center, which is located at 1221 W. 36th street, right off the Avenue in the corner of Roosevelt Park. Show up and give ’em hell.

It might also help if you dress well, and don’t show up looking like a dumb fucking hipster, okay?


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Bi-Weekly Political Roundup: Raise a Glass to Healthcare Edition

It’s gonna be a good one tonight. That’s an understatement. It’s going to be a celebration three years and three generations in the making.

The Baltimore Chapter of Drinking Liberally celebrates its third anniversary tonight at Joe Squared, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Hell, it might even be warm enough to sit out on that nice patio they have there.

Drinking Liberally meets tonight at Joe Squared. 7pm.

As always, DL meetings are very informal, and open to anyone of a liberal bent. New members are encouraged to stop by and become new friends. And judging by what we’ve seen on the Twitter we’ve got a lot of new friends out there. Come on Baltimore… its time to live up to all that tweeting you did on Sunday. Come on out and give us your take on healthcare, the tea-party wingnuts, and the general awesomeness of Nancy Pelosi.

As for the Chop’s take on it, we saw it coming the whole time. A year ago we were telling anyone who would listen that something would get passed. Sure, we wanted that something to be single-payer. We wanted that something to at least have a public option. But when it all came down at the end of last week, with Kucinich coming to Jesus and the whip count steadily increasing, we weren’t at all surprised. The votes have been there the whole time, and if there was ever a day when congress went through the motions just for show, it was Sunday.

That sounds strange to say, but it’s true. They could have had two hours debate and a 20 minute vote and been done.

All in all though, we think its a good deal. We like the bill. Obama promised Change and this bill is full of changes. The Chop has been generally pleased with Barack Obama (don’t ask don’t tell notwithstanding), and we’re even more pleased now.

We also want to share with you this link we were sent (via the DL mailing list) to the SEIU website. They’ve made it incredibly easy to see how your representative voted on the bill, and added a contact form to voice your gratitude or displeasure. (In Maryland only Roscoe Bartlett (R- 6th District) and Frank Kratovil (D- 1st) voted no. If you live there, give them what for.

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Charles Village Civic Association Meeting Tonight

Here it is… We’re disappointed that there still seems to be no on-the-ground citywide organizing effort to stop the WalMart PUD, even though it’s already been shown that there is citywide interest in such organizing, as demonstrated on Facebook.

After the somewhat embarassing confusion of March 9th in Remington, we decided to do a little actual homework like a grown-up blogger for a change.

CVCA meets at 2801 N. Charles tonight at 7:20 pm. WalMart Will be discussed.

So we sent an email to the Charles Village Civic Association yesterday stating in plain terms that we live near Charles Village, and are specifically interested in stopping WalMart, and asked if it would be worth our while to attend tonight’s meeting.

The prompt and courteous reply we received was short, but indicated that all are welcome. So if you have any interest at all in stopping WalMart from extending it’s insidious tentacles into Remington, we encourage you to come out tonight. The Meeting is at Ss. Philip and James Church at 2801 North Charles St. (map), and starts at 7:20 pm.

We realize this is in direct conflict with tonight’s Drinking Liberally meeting, so you’ll just have to decide what sort of progressive you are. Or run really fast from one to the other, like we’re tempted to do.

If you’ve not yet signed the online petition against WalMart, you can sign it here.

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Bi-Weekly Political Roundup: PPM Blue Hill Edition


After last night Baltimore, the Chop sure as hell needs a drink! Fortunately, we’re in luck, because there’s not one but two great groups of folks we’re out to drink with tonight.

First we’ll be heading out to Blue Hill Tavern for Planned Parenthood of Maryland’s ongoing series called the Drinks and Discussion Happy Hour. If you’ve never been to a PPM event before, rest assured, the vibe is very laid back and the structure is quite loose and free-form, but at the same time they’re always held in some of Baltimore’s finest establishments, and the style and fashion will have your head spinning. If you want to come out, dress to impress. The event runs from 6 to 8 pm and admission is free, but of course the more you drink the better it is for women’s health.

PPM's Young Professionals Drinks and Discussion Happy Hour is at Blue Hill Tavern tonight. 6pm.

We’d show up anywhere they wanted to hold it, but we have to say that we’re really excited to get down to Blue Hill, which opened shortly before we left for Europe, and which we haven’t had a chance to visit yet, even though the buzz is good.

Its also convenient, since this being the second Wednesday of the month, its also time for the bi-monthly meeting of Baltimore Drinking Liberally, which is just a few blocks up Conkling Street at the Laughing Pint. Drinking liberally is also informal, and as we mentioned before, new members are always encouraged to come out.

Baltimore Drinking Liberallymeets tonight at the Laughing Pint. 7 pm. All are welcome.

Political theater has seldom been more absurd than it is this week. Eric Massa is crazy as fuck. Did he have cancer, or was he checking interns for prostate cancer? Maybe he cancerfied Glen Beck on that show yesterday.

Sarah Palin proves that she really is a dummy by taking notes on her hand on national TV. She also apparently likes Socialism, since she gets her healthcare in Canada.

Roy Ashburn is a big fag. Look dude, we know its hard to come out of the closet and all, but its even harder to come out while you’re losing your state house seat and facing drunk driving charges and having everyone you know suddenly hate you. But you know what? After your career, you deserve to take it up the ass.

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Bi-Weekly Political Roundup: Doo Doo Brown Edition

We haven’t had a chance to mention it yet, but the Chop is an enthusiastic member of the Baltimore Chapter of Drinking Liberally. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: upwardly mobile bleeding-heart urban quasi-intellectuals (along with a few bona-fide academics) get together every second and fourth Wednesday of the month to prognosticate and practice parlor punditry while solving polemical problems over pitchers of pilsner. You might say its the Chop’s own version of the Algonquin Round Table. At the very least, it combines two of our favorite pastimes and gives us something to look forward to on a Wednesday.

Formed almost 3 years ago, the Baltimore chapter has transformed in that time from a small core of relative strangers with common interests falling under the same umbrella to a group of quality friends the like of which its hard to make after one leaves college life behind.

Meetings are always informal and open to all comers of any left-of-center political persuasion. Discussion topics range from the personal and small talk to local and state issues, national politics, international crises and back again as more and more pitchers are served. And of course, a special effort is made to welcome and encourage first time visitors.

In the Future, we plan to use this space to blog about national politics bi-weekly in advance of each meeting, although this week we’ve just returned from abroad, where our access to media of any sort was severely limited. We definitely didn’t get our daily Wonkette fix, so we’re certainly looking forward to getting the dirt.

All we know today can be summed up in bullet point fashion:

> Dick Cheney is in the hospital. We hope he’s in a lot of pain. In fact, we hope its like torture.

>James O’Keefe III is in jail. Fuck that guy. we hope he stays there a really long time. And since its Louisiana, we like to picture him getting a daily butt-raping by that big black dude from The Green Mile. We’ll raise a pint to that.

>Scott “Doo Doo” Brown is public enemy number one of the wingnuts. The Chop loves a little political theater, farcical and absurd though it may be. Phony outrage is always more entertaining than genuine resentment, so if we’ve got to watch the teabaggers rant and rave, better they do it at him than at Uncle Ted. Besides, Brown’s daughter is single and he doesn’t mind pimping her out.

> And speaking of U.S. Senators with overexposed daughters, John McCain is almost out of a job. Awesome.

> Of course… everyone else is almost out of a job too.

We’ll be talking about all this and more at tonight’s meeting, which is 7 pm at Joe Squared. Just look for the table with the red, white, and blue bottle on it.


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