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Not Just a Game Screening @ 2640 Space Tonight

The Chop is not a lawyer. We’re not a banker, a military officer, or a city councilman either. Somehow though, we ended up as one of these people for whom everything has political overtones. We make no bones about being a labor-loving, Secularist, pro-choice, pro-gay, anti-war Lefty. It’s a worldview that informs everything we do, and every decision we make, from the place we choose to live to what we read, watch and listen to, and even to what we eat. You can believe that those Few who have money and power approach everything politically, and until the rest of us begin to do so as well, nothing will ever change.

Not Just a Game will screen at 2640 tonight. 7:30 pm.

Dave Zirin realizes this as well. Zirin is sports editor at The Nation, and also the host of an XM radio show, columnist for other publications, and author of several books. He’s dedicated his career to the the coverage, study and understanding of sports. Zirin is nearly alone among sportswriters in comprehending that the games we watch and play inform every aspect of our social structure and interaction. From the ongoing NFL lockout to Luke Scott’s absurd love of guns and Orly Taitz, to whether your kid ends up playing basketball or lacrosse, politics is pervasive on every level of sports.

We say that Zirin is nearly alone in that world, because the increasingly-popular Deadspin will never hesitate to jump on a story with deep sociopolitical overtones. From Ben Roethlisberger’s alleged sexual misconduct to racism and gender bias on the PGA tour, Deadspin seems to understand that racism, sexism, homophobia and class warfare drives page views much harder than mere box scores. Zirin though is the polar opposite of Deadspin. Where the latter represents the worst in muckraking and questionable reporting reminiscent of the early days of the Hearst papers, Zirin is a sort of HL Mencken of the sports world, reminding us that the final score is irrelevant, not because we’re playing for fun, but because the only victories that matter are won away from the field of play.

Tonight the Red Emma’s collective will host Zirin at the 2640 Space for a Screening of Not Just a Game, which is based on his 2008 book A People’s History of Sports in the United States. The film explores the history of sport running head-to-head against politics in our culture, and Dave Zirin will be available for discussion and Questions afterward.

Even your mere attendance tonight is an overtly political act, as your $10 admission will go to benefit both the Baltimore Algebra Project and the United Workers, two local organizations which focus on social justice in Baltimore.


Further reading: Bret McCabe interviewed Dave Zirin in this week’s edition of City Paper.

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Chop Style: World Cup Edition

Soccer is a lot like gin, swimming, and vegan recipes. It’s something we really like in theory, but frankly never pay any attention to at all.

Oh sure… we might happen to cook a vegan meal and drink a Negroni once in a great while, or even get into a pool above our knees; but in general we’re not much concerned with these things.

The same is true of soccer. We understand why people like it, and even have a few soccer jerseys in our closet. They make great souvenirs when you go overseas. Although we generally think grown men wearing jerseys have serious problems that extend beyond the realm of fashion, in this country we believe that a (ahem) football jersey or anything with a Premier League logo on it can be pulled off to good effect if done carefully.

Morrissey makes soccer shorts look sex as fuck. Don't try this at home.

As we know, the World Cup Begins on Friday, and runs a month until July 11. However, the onslaught of douchey bandwagoners officially begins today.

For the next 6 weeks or so, it is going to be impossible for the non-fan to wear anything even remotely soccer related without some half-drunk know-it-all dickhead haranguing you with stupid questions, repeating bullshit he read on the internet, and making you both look stupid.

If you’re an actual, true blue football fan, then by all means carry on. Enjoy the tournament and godspeed.

If, like us, you only like soccer in theory, then do as we do and wear nothing even remotely soccer related until at least a week after the World Cup ends.


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