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Bi-Weekly Political Roundup: Sestak Edition

You know the drill by now Baltimore. Its hump day and after all that shite rain that fell yesterday you don’t feel like cooking and you’re anxious to get out of the house and get some tasty food and share pitchers of delicious beer with like-minded friendly people Station North.

This is why you’re bringing yourself down to Joe Squared tonight at 7 for the semi-monthly meeting of the Baltimore Chapter of Drinking Liberally. Just look for the table with the red, white, and blue bottle and pull up a chair.

Baltimore Drinking Liberally meets at Joe Squared tonight. 7 pm.

There’s actually not too many big headlines we need to fit in here today. The president named Elena Kagan as his SCOTUS nominee. It was a generally unsurprising pick and it’s a pretty good one. We like Kagan well enough, and we’re sure she’ll be confirmed sooner or later. Personally, we hope it’s later. We’d love nothing more than for the GOP to keep trotting out John Cornyn and Jeff Sessions all summer and let them make assholes of themselves. Let them scream and cry and fundraise on it all through the summer recess and then lose when congress comes back into session. This is very politically advantageous timing for the Democrats.

This oil spill bullshit is also bound to continue through the summer. The ideas ‘floating around’ for solving it don’t sound too clever right now. A ‘Top Hat’ and a ‘Junk Shot’ hardly seem like sound environmental policy. After this is finally contained and the cleanup has begun, BP, Halliburton and Transocean executives need to be publicly tarred and feathered… and then dragged out and shot just for good measure.

The best story of the week though is over at fivethirtyeight.com where new poll data show that Rep. Joe Sestak has come up with a slight lead over crotchety old self-interested flip flopping Republican-in-Dem-clothing monster Arlen Specter in the PA Democratic Senate Primary. With the election in less than a week, we hope our neighbors to the north finally wise up to old man Arlen’s grass-is-greener politics and toss him out on his ass in favor of a real Democrat.

As much as the Chop loves Obama, Biden, and Ed Rendell, we would gladly see them all thrown under the bus if it means a Sestak win on Tuesday. Specter’s switch to the Democratic party last year was backroom political deal-making of the worst sort, engineered right from the top, and we didn’t buy it for a second.

Also: Be sure to check out our submission to The Daily Camden, which hit the web today.

Joe Squared is at 133 W. North Ave at the corner of Howard Street in Station North. Drinking Liberally meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month and begins at 7 pm, but attendees are free to arrive whenever is convenient.



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Bi-Weekly Political Roundup: Tax Day Edition

If you’ve been watching this space regularly, then you probably know by now that the Chop is a good Democrat, and a frequent participant in the Baltimore Chapter of Drinking Liberally. You should also know that DL is free, fun, friendly and open to anyone who wants to come out. Tonight we’re meeting again at Joe Squared, home of tasty pizza and pitcher beer.

Baltimore Drinking Liberally meets at Joe Squared tonight. 7 pm

If you know all this and are still on the fence about coming out, well, you really should. Frankly the Chop is tired of bumping into women we used to date. Such is the curse of being stunningly handsome with an easy wit in Smalltimore. (Ha!) The more new people around to chat with, the better for everyone involved.

This is also the part where we get to blog about politics, and there’s a lot out there in the political ether right now. The big story is of course the impending retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens. Conventional wisdom says there will be a months-long knock down drag out fight, but we sort of doubt it. At least, we don’t see it coming to a Filibuster or anything like that. We’re not looking to swap out a Scalia for a Ralph Nader here, and Obama is as savvy as anyone who’s ever set foot inside the beltway. He’s not going to get Borked, no matter what. After the Sotomayor pick, the media can finally shut the fuck up about racial makeup, which is nice for a change. Whoever is nominated now might be of any race or gender and it won’t matter much since no one really cares, which is a nice thought. The big idea now is that he might pick someone with an ‘alternative resume’ meaning not a federal judge, but to our mind that’s kind of silly. You hire judges to judge because they’re good at judging. They’re also pre-confirmed by the senate if they’re sitting on the federal bench.

It’s also tax day tomorrow, which means it’s more or less the one year anniversary of the teabaggers. It’s kind of hard to believe that those sharts have only been around for a year, since it feels like about for-fucking-ever. In the past year it seems like they’ve been omnipresent, making headlines almost every day. It seems like they’ve completely overtaken the Republican party and are marching armed in the streets and about to stage a coup.

But that’s just how it seems. In reality these people huff and puff like spoiled children. They’re still not taken seriously by anyone in America, and they’re still the same bunch of unstable, racist, ignorant, uninformed sharts they ever were. We can only hope that they continue to speak for the GOP entirely, since it’s the best thing that ever happened to the Democrats.

The Baltimore City budget just dropped, and it ain’t good news. We’ve got to give a lot of credit to the mayor though. No one can squeeze blood from turnips, and she’s done a pretty good job of trying to spread the pain around. We’re BIG supporters of any plan to tax suburbanites who work in or benefit from the City. We like to pay taxes, because it means there are plenty of cops on Greenmount Ave, so we don’t have to march up and down the street with an open carry permit “taking our country back.” We’ll let the police handle that, thanks.

Last but not least, let’s just say this for the record… slavery caused the civil war. The south lost the civil war. The civil war is over, and in the year 2010 anyone who wants to go around waving confederate flags and promoting ‘southern heritage’ is a fucking racist. No amount of winking and nudging and addenda to proclamations will ever change that.


Drinking Liberally meets the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at 7 pm. Joe Squared is located at 133 w. North Ave. All the above opinions are that of the Baltimore Chop Blog, and not of Drinking Liberally, it’s Baltimore Chapter, Chapter members or Joe Squared.

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