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Ted Leo, Heks Orkest @ The G-Spot Tonight

We can’t lie to you Baltimore, we’re getting old. At least in scene terms, 30 is no spring chicken. This is why it’s been a good long time since the Chop has seen Ted Leo and the Pharmacists live.

Seems like there was a time when we couldn’t help seeing Ted Leo play live. We’d go see some band like Ranier Maria and sure enough, there’s Ted Leo, opening the bill. We even used to heckle quite a bit. Ted Leo was just that kid in school who gave you the setup for a joke every time he opened his mouth. Good old Ted couldn’t finish one song and start another without saying something ridiculous. We weren’t the only one… the Elvis Costello, Paul Westerberg, and Matthew Sweet references were bouncing off the walls in those days.

Ted Leo and Heks Orkest play the G-Spot tonight. 8 pm Doors.

Since then Leo has stacked up new records, rounded out his sound, and become almost famous in the process. We haven’t seen him since because we’re frankly getting too old and jaded for stuff like sold-out crowds, advance ticket sales, trips to the 9:30 club, nightclub drink prices, etc. We just don’t like Ted Leo that much. We like him in a just-as-friends-maybe-go-to-second-base-if-you-can-get-us-a-bottle-of-Boone’s-Farm kind of way. Not a my-parents-are-going-away-for-the-weekend-you-can-totally-come-over-for-a-lingerie-fashion-show-and-backrub-marathon kind of way. We don’t like him like that.

So we were glad to hear that he’s playing the G-Spot tonight. This totally erases all the reasons we have for not going. It’s not far away. It’s BYOB. It’s not sold out. We don’t have to stay out until last call, and we don’t have to watch 4 other bands we don’t really want to see.

As near as we can tell, the only other band on the bill is Richmond’s Heks Orkest, whose name means “witches orchestra,” but who sound nothing like Rasputina. Some may even call them a supergroup, although this raises an interesting question:

    What’s the difference between a supergroup and a bunch of guys who have been in a lot of bands before?

Hard to say. But Avail, Sparta, Engine Down, Denali, Kepone, and a several more former bands is a pretty good resume, and the mp3s on their site, How It Will All Fit and I’ve been Waiting are pretty good stuff.

Maybe even the kind of stuff we end up liking more than Ted Leo when it’s all said and done.


The G-Spot is located at 2980 Falls Road, 3/4 mile north of the Streetcar Museum. Tickets are $12, $15 day of show. All ages, 8 pm doors.

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Ted Leo and the Pharmacists @ 9:30 Club Tonight

Every once in a while, the Chop likes to play a little game called Name a band that could compel us to drive to the 9:30 club. So far, it’s been a losing endeavor. It’s hard to think of any band in America right now that could do it. Some acts (like Morrissey or the Pixies) could, but they’ve outgrown 9:30, and are usually prohibitively expensive. We’ve taken a principled stance against almost all reunion tours, and turn up our nose at them. Most of our favorite bands going today are too small to book into 9:30, and the ones who fit there (like Ranier Maria or the Hold Steady) We’ve seen too many times before to bother with 9:30.

The Gaslight Anthem is the one band who might maybe convince us to set foot inside the 9:30 club.

So we’re totally skipping out on Ted Leo when he plays there tonight with Screaming Females and Obits.

Ted Leo plays the 9:30 Club tonight. 7 pm doors.

We can understand why some indie kids go totally nuts for Ted Leo. We get it. Problem is, we like him just okay. The Chop has seen Ted Leo plenty of times before, and in truth he’s always been one of our favorite performers to heckle. Maybe it’s because all those kids do love him so much. Maybe it’s because he’s a good sport and can give as good as he gets. Maybe it’s because yelling out the names of Elvis Costello songs hits a little too close to home. Whatever it is, we can scarcely help ourselves when Ted hits the stage.

So if we’re not rocking out in DC tonight, what are we doing? Being a responsible fucking grown-ass adult, that’s what. Stacking up that paper, that’s what. Everyday we hustlin’, that’s what.

Yeah. We’re going down to the union hall for the monthly meeting today. While we’re there, we’re going to collect a few G’s that are owed to the Chop. After that, we’re going to stop fucking around and file our taxes so we can get our $8000 Obama Money Tax Credit that we’re owed for buying our stately North Baltimore pleasure dome.

What’s our reward for acting so responsibly all day? We get to go to Target and bring home one of these, so that when we go to watch Brian Matusz pitch tonight with a six of Clipper City and a bag of Utz, it’ll be in icy-cool conditioned air.

The best part? Roommate’s going to the show, and we’ve got the place to ourselves for the night.

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