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Tomorrow: Landspeedrecord!, Poly/Western @ Metro Gallery

Why is it that sometimes the best bands are also the laziest? We don’t mean to call anyone lazy, especially since we pretty much take the cake for sloth in this town, but we can’t help but notice that sometimes those with the most talent do relatively little with it. Consider the scant output by writers like JD Salinger and John Kennedy Toole, or the recent careers of local bands like Landspeedrecord! and Poly/Western.

Granted: LSR put out a shitload of records, and was no slouch back in the day, but since they got back together they’ve played out only occasionally, and seem to be doing things just for the fun of it (not that there’s a damn thing wrong with that). We already told you how cool they are back in May, so we won’t waste words here telling you again. They’re still cool, okay?

Landspeedrecord! plays the Metro Gallery tomorrow. 8 pm doors.

Poly/Western is also a sort of groundhog of local music. Every now and again they’ll pop up and play a show, see their shadow or not, and go back underground for as long as suits them. If they were to start playing and traveling regularly though, or maybe even release a record, we think they could really be a band to watch for 2011. They’ve got that slow, full, ambient feel while still staying true to pop/rock song structures that we’ve begun referring to as the Baltimore Sound, and they do it a lot better than many bands who seem to work a lot harder than they do. On this blog, we try to give you a heads up for what you can expect at local shows, but rarely can we do it with such precision so easily. Here’s a youtube video of Poly/Western playing at the Metro Gallery. In other words, it’s pretty much exactly what you can expect to see tomorrow.

Joining in on the fun are a couple of bands who play a lot more often around town, Thee Lexington Arrows and The Matrimonials. Both are worth watching, and for $8 at a bar that stocks cheap Löwenbräus, this is our idea of nightlife.


Metro Gallery is located at 1700 N. Charles St. in Station North. Tonight’s show is 21+.

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Arbouretum @ Windup Space Tonight

When last we posted about Arbouretum, we had some very nice things to say about them and clearly enumerated the reasons you should go out and see them. We also mentioned that we had a cold, and as it turned out, we did not make it to the show.

Arbouretum plays the Windup Space tonight. 9 pm Doors.

Just the other day we said they’d be right up there with Lower Dens, choke-slamming 2011 and defining what will eventually become known as the Baltimore sound. Their new album, The Gathering out next month on Thrill Jockey is a conceptual exploration of the work of Carl Jung. We think it will be a very good record. We are not kidding about this.

When they come through the Windup Space tonight, they’ll be joined by Hush Arbors, who record on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace! label, as well as experimental jazzman Jason Ajemian.

We don’t like to go negative on this blog if we can help it, but there are only 3 bands playing tonight, and if you wanted to show up late and just catch Arbouretum, well, we wouldn’t blame you. To our mind it’s a very fine line between what we hope will become the Baltimore Sound and something else entirely.

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