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First Fridays @ the Walters Tonight

Got a calendar Baltimore? You need one nowadays to keep track of all the First Fridays and Second Saturdays and Third Thursdays they’ve been throwing at us lately. Of course, if you have a calendar, you’ve probably noticed that it’s Spring. Like for real. So it’s the perfect time to check out the First Fridays event at the Walters tonight.

The Walters is open for First Fridays tonight. 5:30-8:30 pm.

They’re doing a whole near-east, silk road type theme for tonight, which (presumably) includes the Islamic Manuscripts Collection. They’re serving “Persian Punch” anyway, which is kind of funny since, you know, Muslims are forbidden to drink and all.

Seems to us this First Fridays was a whole big thing in Mount Vernon, before the long hard winter struck. But we might be thinking of something else, since like we said, we can’t keep track. We don’t know if 1stFri extends neighborhood wide tonight, but either way a fine spring Friday happy hour is the perfect time to amble around Mount Vernon. 1stFri or no, we predict that the streets will be humming, the weather will be glorious, and everyone will be festive.

It’s times like this where you really get the best of what Baltimore has to offer. If we haven’t said it before, we really love living here.

Once the sun goes down we might head up to the Ottobar for Fiery Furnaces. Or we might skip the hipster overload and sit out on the deck with a bottle of wine. Either way it’s a great start to the weekend.

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What We’re Not Doing Tonight…

That’s right Baltimore… today it’s all about what we’re not doing tonight. Namely, We’re not going to the Walters’ for Ignite Baltimore #5. Mainly because we were in Europe and couldn’t put ourselves on the RSVP list in time. We got the wait list, but standing around Charles Street in the cold all night while the rest of you try to become the mayor of the the Walters on Foursquare is not our idea of an enchanted evening.

Ignite Baltimore #5 is sold-out at the Walters Art Gallery tonight.

For those of you unfamiliar, Ignite Baltimore is a wildly popular quarterly speaking series in which volunteers are given five minutes and 20 slides to say anything they want about anything they want. Now, the Chop is all for events with an intimate feel, and we love it when organizers remain fiercely independent in the face of success, but we cry foul on Ignite. You see, this isn’t the first time we haven’t been able to get in the door, and the event has reached the point where they’re simply refusing to grow. We say ideas are cultural currency, and supply should equal demand. They need a bigger venue.

We’re also not attending the Citypaper Cosmic Cocktail Party at the AVAM. Frankly, $50 is a lot of money to dress up and get drunk on a weeknight, especially since the event is only 3 hours and not in any way charitable.

'Dirty Boots...'

What we are up to tonight is another date. And this one is what you’d call a hot date. In fact, some of you may even remember Cowboy Boots from way back in October. We’re really pretty excited that she remembers the Chop, and we’re going to propose for our first date that we flee the hip district altogether and head up to Clementine for a nosh and a couple of Stonewall Pints, made of Ace pear cider, bourbon and fresh ginger. A little more laid-back than the first time we met, we hope.


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