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Surfer Blood, Weekends @ Ottobar Tonight

You’re going to this show tonight Baltimore. Of course you are. It’s a no-brainer. It’s more than a no-brainer, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Seriously. Maybe the Chop’s not as cool as we used to be, but it seems like Surfer Blood came out of nowhere and got real famous, real fast. If we were a betting man, we’d bet that the Ottobar tonight is likely your last chance to see them on an actual club stage. They’re already busy touring the world and getting on TV and (maybe) modeling designer jeans and banging out record industry and PR interns 2 at a time. That’s rock and roll for you.

What’s more, a Wednesday after a holiday weekend is perfect timing, since we’re hoping it’s going to be adult swim up in there. That may be wishful thinking though, since schools are out, the doors are open early, and it’s all ages.

Surfer Blood takes you back to the future with Weekends at the Ottobar tonight. 8 pm doors.

Reason number two why it’s a no-brainer? Weekends. Sure, they’re from here and you can probably go see them anytime, but you know what Baltimore? That’s a shite attitude to take. That’s why you all probably missed them at last weekend’s show with Height, because you were too busy going to the beach and the swimming pool and the cook-out. We’re guilty of it too. We seem to keep missing Weekends, and we’re going to try to put that right tonight.

You know how people always reference certain bands from the 80’s and say how they’re visionary and genius and way ahead of their time? Well, with bands like these, it looks like rock and roll is finally catching up to the best of the 1980’s, and that’s what tonight’s show is all about.


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Tonight: Roller Girls! Vivian Girls!

The Chop will admit it. We were late to the party this time. We remember hearing that they were getting up a roller derby league at the Fullerton Skateland and thinking That’s fucking awesome! It’s like a punk rock show on wheels! Unfortunately, that was around the same time we started traveling abroad extensively, and it took us an insanely long time to actually attend a bout.

Charm City Roller Girls skate tonight @ Du Burns Arena. 6 pm.

By the time we did, Fullerton Skateland was in the distant past and the Charm City Roller Girls had moved down to Du Burns Arena and evolved into something that was part punk-rock show, part family fun-fest, part professional sporting event, and part beer league softball tournament, complete with raging afterparty in the Canton bars.

To put it briefly, CCRG is one of the things that makes Baltimore a great city. If you haven’t been out to a bout yet, you’re missing out on the one of the best events in town. You’re also ‘off the bus’ so to speak, because the league has enjoyed tremendous support from the city (the people that is, not city hall), and deservedly so.

In it’s growth, CCRG has managed to pull off one of the most difficult feats for any organization; remaining truly DIY and fiercely independent, yet putting on a production that is 100% professional from start to finish. Being entirely skater-owned and operated requires an enormous commitment of time and a high level of skill and dedication both on and off the track, and these women not only pull it off, they make it look easy.

So we’ve got our tickets for tonight’s bout, and we’re planning on showing up early, cause that place fills up fast. (Word to the wise: get that beer wristband as soon as you walk in, before the line forms.)

Vivian Girls play the Ottobar tonight. 8:30 pm.

Sad to say we can’t make the afterparty though, cause we’re heading back uptown to the Ottobar to catch Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls with Wet Dog, Happy Birthday, and Weekends.

We’re a bit late to the party on Vivian Girls too, since the first time we went to see them play was with Fucked Up at the new Talking Head with like 15 other bands. The Chop has no patience anymore for 15 band bills, so we sat at the bar and waited patiently (read: drank heavily) for a long time, not realizing that the show was on 2 stages and we were sitting through the crap end of it. So we missed Vivian Girls entirely.

We were pissed about it too. You know a band is good when their sound is squarely between Sleater-Kinney and the Wipers. Seeing them tonight will go a long way toward making up for what we sat through last time.



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