Who’s the Chop?

Who the fuck is this guy, anyway? I’m just a regular dude. With a blog. A Baltimore native who loves living here; a homeowner, thirty-something single guy, traveler, blue collared, Progressive, grown-up punk, consumer of culture, an old-fashioned type with modern sensibilities.

A while back, I started reading a lot of local blogs, and while some of them are outstanding, no one was really quite writing the blog I wanted to read, so I decided to write it myself.

At the outset it was meant to be a personal blog, but it turns out that if you’re writing a personal blog which is also a daily blog, you stop talking about yourself pretty quickly. You talk less about yourself, and more about the world around you. So this has morphed into a music and nightlife blog. It’s become an urban lifestyle blog. It’s become a document of the shows and events in Baltimore worth noting, of unsolicited editorializing, and of the folkways and quirks in local culture that go beyond the cheap and cartoonish images usually associated with the city by outsiders and some certain locals.

The Baltimore Chop presents my Baltimore. It’s the one you missed cause you were tired from work. It’s the one you didn’t see because you were too busy moving to Brooklyn. It’s the small town within a big city- hip without being esoteric, smart without being pedantic, dangerous without being reckless, and kitsch without being cute.

For the Record: This blog has nothing at all to do with the short-lived Baltimore Chop Bookstore/ Coffee Shop. I am not Andy Rubin. I don’t know Andy Rubin personally, and never meant to imply any association. Sorry if that has caused any confusion.