Guest Posts

Guest Posts: The Baltimore Chop is always happy to consider publishing guest posts from readers or from other bloggers. All guest posts should be about or closely related to the topics regularly covered here. Those topics are: Baltimore music and cultural events (including reviews), Baltimore City life, local and regional politics, 20- and 30-something dating and lifestyle, places in Baltimore, Local and regional politics, social norms and etiquette, bar culture, cocktails, baseball fan experiences, and men’s style and fashion.

All submissions should be emailed to and should be between 350 and 700 words. Please also include a few lines of biographical information. No pay can be offered, but we’ll be happy to link to your blog or website.

Sponsored Posts: Speaking of offering pay, we’ve never done a sponsored post, but that’s mainly because no one has ever written us a big fat check. If you’d like to see your bar or booze or clothing line or whatever written about here, make us an offer- and make it worth our while.

All sponsored posts will be clearly identified as such.

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